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Hello. I’m just the ordinary who dreams extra. A better rocking life is what I chase for. This blog is like a page for me to engrave a reflection of myself, likes, & my passion. To articulate and to share is what I aim for. A wonderful blog will put my eyes on it. Fashion, models, tv show, music and pieces of my life, may be my obsession to be scribble down here :)
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Without Words

Addicted to this song recently (btw, this vid is only the instrumental ver). specifically, from yesterday. I just started to watch You're/He's Beautiful, a 2009 korean movie with 17 episodes. I am late I know. boohoo. I fell in love with this drama now, it's so sweet, funny and so much in one. btw, this song is by Park Shin Hye, the heroine of this drama. She acts really well and sings too. Oh yeah, all the leading roles in this drama are actually singers. I adore their versatility!! If you're also the outdated person like me, you can watch all the episodes here.

credits goes to amazesing on YouTube.

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