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Hello. I’m just the ordinary who dreams extra. A better rocking life is what I chase for. This blog is like a page for me to engrave a reflection of myself, likes, & my passion. To articulate and to share is what I aim for. A wonderful blog will put my eyes on it. Fashion, models, tv show, music and pieces of my life, may be my obsession to be scribble down here :)
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freakin self-crisis.

I have kinds of mix up feelings rite now jammed into my circulatory, and pretty much suffering from a heartache L Day two in the nephro ward, it was almost hell-like to me. One thing for sure is, a few of us didn’t get the chance for an orientation, as I can say, because we were “neglected” by our own transportation in Day 1. I was clearly clueless on duty for AM. I almost ripped my hair out because I felt soooo fringing stupid! I think I just gave a horrible impression of me on the staff, how ‘great’ was that huh? I did silly mistakes again. *hardsigh*. I just failed myself but I can do better. Well, I think it’s a part of learning process. So now I am leaving my optimism to be in charge on this. But it is all up to me to absorb a piece of wisdom along these 3 years and actually practice it! I hope Day 3 will be a lot smoother and prove them that I am not that lazy-ass type. I know what I want and I’m aiming for it. (still feels like ripping my hair off and cries like baby) 

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