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Hello. I’m just the ordinary who dreams extra. A better rocking life is what I chase for. This blog is like a page for me to engrave a reflection of myself, likes, & my passion. To articulate and to share is what I aim for. A wonderful blog will put my eyes on it. Fashion, models, tv show, music and pieces of my life, may be my obsession to be scribble down here :)
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It will hurt only for a sec, honey. *wink*

I spent 2 hours in my college's ward this evening for a vaccine administration demo. It was short but brief and the most important thing is, it didn't bore me to death. Thank God. Since my post is pathetic at least I am gaining something from there. Yup, jabs will hurt, a bit. I experienced it many times as well, just like you. Got my Hep B jabs at college and thank God the nurse was quick ;) This year, I'll be dealing with pediatrics. have to administer vaccines to babies. When babies are just born, day one, they won't cry. wait until 8 until 18 months, I am very sure a moment they steps to the clinic tears will be dripping out seeing a lady in white with a cap on :D ops, forgot to mention, a syringe w/ a needle attached to it. I hate to see babies cry, hehe, but got to deal with it. however, the work will gets more harder if they're moving here and there. afraid that the needle will cause them injury, so that's why I have to be quick! well, everyone hates injection not just babies. heee ~ that will be my job soon. have to remind you that it will only hurt a sec and the pain will cease ;) so, take a deep breath k? ;) 

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