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Hello. I’m just the ordinary who dreams extra. A better rocking life is what I chase for. This blog is like a page for me to engrave a reflection of myself, likes, & my passion. To articulate and to share is what I aim for. A wonderful blog will put my eyes on it. Fashion, models, tv show, music and pieces of my life, may be my obsession to be scribble down here :)
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            It’ been really a while I didn’t blogged!! It’s already almost the third month of 2011. This year I am gonna turn 21!! Growing up to be an adult sure does have a lot of responsibilities. It will be a time to be serious and to have a tighter grip on my future. I really need to get a job!! Anyway, don’t mind about my header up there, I kinda have an obsession with vampires this year.
         Talking about being a vampire, why vampire? Because, they are super sexy and strong! They have serious power. I wish I have power so I can just kick ass of a pervetish scumbags! I start to adore vampires when I watched Twilight, so I’m like inspired by them. Lol. Especially Edward cullen and his family, and how their family is the good type of vampires (they don’t feed on human’s blood). Then the fairytale came when Edward Cullen started to fall in love with a human, Bella Swan. And bla bla bla.
        So, this year, I have been dying to watch the final sequel of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn but it’s gonna be premiered on November, still, it’s a long wait. In fact, I read all four books, so I know. But what I’ve been dying to watch the movie is the part where Bella Swan gives birth to a half-blood child (human+ vampire) and she’ll be a vampire, finally! I know she will be super hot with that newborn vampire eyes. Anyhow, I will be patiently waiting for Breaking Dawn. And will try to update this blog as frequent as I can to collect loyalty of followers. Thank you for my 8 followers, I know I had been bore you guys, sorry ;)

P/S my music player is unavailable for now, will update it soon. If you interested to put a song on your blog, this link will help you And before that, embed the URL of your selected song. Peace!

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