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Hello. I’m just the ordinary who dreams extra. A better rocking life is what I chase for. This blog is like a page for me to engrave a reflection of myself, likes, & my passion. To articulate and to share is what I aim for. A wonderful blog will put my eyes on it. Fashion, models, tv show, music and pieces of my life, may be my obsession to be scribble down here :)
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The Last Respect; My beloved Grandfather.

We are born by a woman called mother to this world. we learn how to create a living, and day by day be grew to be a better person. and when the time comes, we have to wish farewell and our soul will continue the journey in another world we assume knowing its existence.

Goodbye grandpa. he's my family, the first one i have to say goodbye to. we're being apart as time flew away. i remember the time that when i was young he used to pick me up with his bicycle and i hung out by his house which was pretty far from my home. then, suddenly i fell sick, my dad have to pick me back again to go home. that time, he was the closest partner for me. and going with him and his bicycle seems like a hobby to me. that bicycle was old like he was now. he was the one who always smiling and never failed to crack a joke. yeah, we always hung out together, that was the moment that i would never ever forget. his smile means a thousand to me.

yeah, that was when i was little. now i'm considered as a young adult. when times grew older like we are, we're also gonna change. i will never get the chance to hang out with him again. i have my own commitment, i will never gonna be the same. but what is still there is a bond that will always stick to my mind. know what? when i'm going back to my hometown, he never failed to go by my house to see me even just for a little while. even on his age now, he keep smiling. it's wonderful to see a smile upon his face. it's always nice to see the one you love is happy  with your presence.

it was really heart-breaking to hear that he was in coma. i never thought things would turned out so bad like that. he was so healthy before, with no bad medical history. && hearing that, was like...impossible. i couldn't do anything. i didn't know whether to cry or not. because i'm an optimists. i told myself that its gonna be alrite. however, i told myself that anything can happen in the matter of time as well. well, my mom was right, he can't hold on that long because he's condition is serious. i couldn't do nothing else, nothing else other than just accept the fact that he'll leave me sooner or later. I've prepared. me myself knew that, he's not gonna hold on. yeah, he's gone. i never get the chance to see him coz i'm far apart from him. should i be sorry for that? hm.. i know he would understand, i know him. i can deal with this, i'm being strong. of course i'm sad. but that's just how life is, people will come and go from our lives. 

ily ninik. i won't forget you. i hope you'll rest in peace. goodbye :'(

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