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Do you want to be on top? to ANTM lover (M'sia), skip the episodes for Cycle 14 coz we're gonna move to cycle 15!

I'm a huge fan of America's Next Top Model! Just wanna share something with other fans out there (in Malaysia esp) that Cycle 15 is up available in YouTube. well, apparently we got aired a little too late of ANTM. It's cycle 14 now showing to us here in M'sia. So, skip the days and catch every bits of the Drama and photo shoots via YouTube. Then, be over-the-top excited because you'll get the chance to see the latest cycle, cycle 15! Yup, I'm a super serious! WITH a whole new prizes which is not to be missed. Well, check out the final two models in Cycle 14 and discover the new winner of cycle 14 (Reina Hein & Krista White).

The winner for cycle 14

Krista White, 26, Arkansas
Upon this winning title, she received a liquitive contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics, a six-page spread in Seventeen Magazine, and a modelling contract with Wilhelmina Model Management of NY. 

I prefer Reina Hein, but unfortunately she didn't win. So, I'm pretty upset but it's ok. I know there are a lot more people who'll book her. She's already a born model. 

Let's welcome ANTM Cycle 15! "High Fashion" is what they're looking for in the models rite now. loads of new challenges thrown to the models, such as posing when you're on a Roller Coaster?! Yes, it's insane. A whole new prizes which are; 100 000 dollars Cover Girl Contract, a spread in VOGUE Italiano with a spread in vogue beauty magazine, & a modelling contract with the biggest model management, IMG model. This is H U G E. So, let's welcome all the girls; 

From top right; esther, chelsey, kendall, lexie, chris
middle row; rhianna, kacey, sara, kayla, jane
bottom row: liz, ann, terra, anamaria 
my winner prediction and also my favourite contestant is, Ann.
she's the tallest among the girls, she's 6feet 2inches.
to me her look is very VOGUE & high fashion. and so far, she got 3 best photos in four episode.
i really hope she'll win!

This photo of Ann was chosen by the judges as the best in a recent episode. (episode 4)

quick, catch up with the episodes!!

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